Sourdough Crackers

My sourdough chronicles continue with 0 loaves of bread and a stack of discard containers. At the same time, whole wheat flour seems to be ever precious – I left two supermarkets empty handed in one day, although stocks of AP flour seems to be healthy. Therefore, no way I was wasting my wholesome sourdough discards. Crackers seemed to be a common way to efficiently … Continue reading Sourdough Crackers

(Sourdough) taco party

I’ve always loved the idea of having a taco party. A spread of fillings and dips and a stack of tortillas that one can combine and fill to their heart’s desire. Convivial milling about the buffet and chatting over some sangria and beers. With Covid-19, the likelihood of doing this in the near future is now minimal, but if you’re quarantined with family or roommates, … Continue reading (Sourdough) taco party

Sourdough Carrot Cake

After my starter failed the float test yet again, I turned to my piling tupperwares of discard for another round of quarantine baking. Carrot cake is one of my favorite types of cake or “quick bread” – moist, healthy-ish, and moreish. At home, my mom juices carrots daily, leaving behind a mound of carrot pulp that we either sneak into stews, soups, stir fries, or … Continue reading Sourdough Carrot Cake

Sourdough brownies

Another weekend, another day to consume my sourdough starter discards. I’d been craving chocolate lately (although to be honest, when am I not), so when I came across a recipe for sourdough brownies during binge-stalking food instagram accounts, I was all game. The recipe is vegan – but that doesn’t mean its any less decadent and satisfying, and its ingredients are pretty accessible. Moist, rich, … Continue reading Sourdough brownies

Sourdough Starter Waffles

If you know me well, you know I hate food waste. Perhaps it’s my Japanese mottainai spirit, or an extension of my pack-rat tendencies, or just me being a glutton, but I can’t bear the sight of perfectly edible food going down the drain. As I began my sourdough adventures, there was no way I was actually going to discard my starter discards. Although his … Continue reading Sourdough Starter Waffles

Sweet Potato Mont Blanc

Like for many others during this time, cooking/ baking has helped keep me occupied with mini senses of purpose and accomplishment. Some outcomes have been more successful (Kale Caesar salad, Chocolate muffins, French toast-omelette sandwich, cast-iron skillet brussels sprouts) than others (gnocchi, sweet potato brownies). This weekend, we dipped into our Japanese roots and tackled my mom’s hankering for her favorite dessert. Japan is famous … Continue reading Sweet Potato Mont Blanc

Working out for free

Maybe I’m a cheapskate (I probably am), but I’ve never bought into the idea of paying to exercise. I mean, you don’t need a membership to run around or jump or do a few push ups! Of course it’s never that simple – beyond the simple need for external motivation, there is value in going beyond your fitness comfort zone and learning a new exercise … Continue reading Working out for free

Carter Memorial Kurobe Meisui Marathon (Japan) – 黒部名水マラソン

Logistics Date: Late May Location: Kurobe, Toyama Prefecture, Japan (富山県、黒部市) Website: Japanese / English Price: 8,000 JPY (~73 USD; as of 2020) Registration dates: Dec~Feb Size: ~5,500 for full marathon Review Despite being a relatively small marathon, well organized in true Japanese fashion, from the allocated parking lots, shuttle buses from the lots, and clear starting orders based on expected finish time. Compared to a … Continue reading Carter Memorial Kurobe Meisui Marathon (Japan) – 黒部名水マラソン

Book review: The subtle art of not giving a f*ck, by Mark Manson

5/5 – One of the few self-help books that resonated with me. It called me out to my face about my mindset, entitlement, assumptions, and thought processes. His informal, conversational tone further made the book a fun, enjoyable read. Things I learned: Entitlement: Less so about the traditional entitlement called out in “white privilege,” but entitlement in terms of thinking you’re special because your problems … Continue reading Book review: The subtle art of not giving a f*ck, by Mark Manson